Welcome to the SoapBox!

Welcome to The SoapBox! The political entertainment forum where everyone has a voice!

The SoapBox invites guests representing opposing viewpoints to square off on interesting and controversial local or national issues. The SoapBox productions have taken place both in the form of weekly radio shows and special live on location events. The shows mix old fashioned-heated issue debates with modern music, video and political satire.It’s edgy-informative fun, designed for audience participation. The centerpiece of the program is when the audience is given their chance to get on their soapbox with comments, questions or even their own personal banter with the guests.

The SoapBox does not have any shows scheduled at the moment, but we welcome visitors to review and comment on our previous 9 radio broadcasts and 3 live events.

» Fair Tax Live Event Debate

» The Iraq War Live Event Debate

» The Drug War Live Event Debate

» The Free Trade Radio Debate

» The Income Tax Radio Debate

» The Sex Education Radio Debate

» The Intelligent Design Radio Debate

» The Public Education Radio Debate

» The Gun Control Radio Debate

» The Health Care Radio Debate

» The Immigration Radio Debate

» The Morality of the Iraq War Radio Debate